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Nineteen years old with freshly dyed blue hair, punk rocker Gail places an advert in a music paper for ‘likeminded friends and weirdos’.

Soap the Stamps, Jump the Tube follows her autobiographical journey through the 80s underground music and squatting scene in London.

The paperback and digital version of the book is published by Unbound, July 2018.

  • 288 pages

  • ISBN-10: 1912618184

  • ISBN-13: 978-1912618187

Click on the Amazon link to purchase the Kindle edition (£3.99 inc. VAT) or paperback version (£10.99 inc. VAT) of the book.


(Prices correct at time of publication, may be subject to change.)

If you don't like Amazon, you can buy direct from the publishers hereor contact Gail using the Get In Touch form (below) for other options to buy a copy.

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