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About the Author

Gail Thibert grew up in Morden and attended a stuffy convent school in Wimbledon, where she was expected to be a ‘good catholic girl.’ But then punk happened.


Aged 15, she rebelled by dyeing her hair bright blue and started to design and make her own clothes, teaching herself to sew along the way.

Holding down a variety of menial jobs, Gail found she excelled at reading Tarot cards and is now known as one of the UK’s top psychics.

Gail is still in love with punk music and playing in bands and currently sings with Sarah Pink’s Gravediggers and Flowers in the Dustbin.


She currently lives near Epping Forest with her 16 year-old son who was born deaf and with learning delays.

She still likes to sew when she has the time. She hopes to get another motorbike someday and is looking forward to revisiting Paros in Greece – the island she fell in love with and visited many times.

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